Wrangler tag

Wrangler tags provide a way of included content into pages. They take the form

{‌wrt tag param1=foo param2="another parameter"}

They can be placed in page templates and in articles (as well as some other content types).

Tags in articles are always processed first. This way, articles can modify the data collection that will be used to generate the page. For example, a tag that is used to display a blog entry or program item may also change the page title. 

Greedy Url

A  'greedy url' is a url that will be matched to any url that starts with the greedy url (the "url stem").

For example, a page with a 'greedy url' of /news with be used to handle any of the following urls

  • /news/latest
  • /news/story/123
  • /news/search

 Usually, the greedy page will have aWrangler tagon it that adjusts the content according to the actual requested url.